Mustache Transplantation

Medicines or lotions cannot create new hair follicles. These products can only be effective in slowing down hair follicles. The only permanent solution to attain their old appearance is the mustache planting method. The skin like red crust on the day of transplantation returns to its original appearance without any trace after a week. Same as the hair transplantation, there is no serious pain or ache occurs after facial hair transplantation.


Mustache Transplantation Treatment

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Operation Time

2-4 Hour

Anesthesia Status


Return to Work

1 Day

The end result


Healthy and genetically coded no to be shed hair roots in the nape region are taken and operations are performed on the sparse areas. It is done similar as FUE hair transplant operation. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance through the transfer made with the FUE Technique to the areas where regional sparsity, ringworm, burn and scar traces have.

To transplant mustache, the period of puberty needs to be completed because the outcome and structure continue until puberty. From 20-22 years olds transplantation can be applied. Mustache operation is needed in cases where hair is not found in areas with sparse or little hair spots, injuries, burns or other reasons in mustache areas. Mustache transplantation can be done due to mustache loss that occurs after the surgical traces.

After about eight to ten weeks after the operation, the result starts to show itself. It is not possible to distinguish mustache hair transplanted from the hair and the existing mustache hair with the naked eye.

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