Please follow the 7 steps that simplify and enhance the lives of our patients.

Step 1
Send us your photos so that they appear in 5 different angles as in the example.

Step 2

  • Your name & Surname, your job?
  • Do you have any disease including HBsAG/HCV/HIV,
  • Are you using any regular medicine?
  • Do you smoke or not?
  • Do you have any allergy?
  • Did you have any Surgery before?

Patients may also contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone call to get more detailed information about the surgeries and used techniques.

Step 3
Online Examination

The photo will be analysis and evaluated by Doctor. Upon Doctor approval, the operation can be scheduled.

Step 4
Book your Surgery

We work with best-in-class hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. Hospitals differentiate with their hotel services.

Step 5
Examination & Planning

  • Meet with Doctor assistants to get detailed information for pre and post op process.
  • Patient registration form is filled to get to know the patient better.
  • Professional photo shooting from different angles for simulation work.
  • Face to Face physical examination with Doctor.
  • Discuss surgical treatment details and discuss the benefits and risks of surgery.
  • All detailed informations is given and informative consent form is signed.
  • Meet with anesthesia doctor and have pre op blood tests the day before the surgery. 

Step 6
Big Day

  • Arrive to the hospital to check-in before the surgery.
  • Meet again with Doctor before surgery for controls and questions.
  • The anesthesia specialist takes you to the operating room after wearing a gown.
  • The surgery starts and ends with Doctor.

Step 7
New Begining

  • The patient can get back to her/his daily life after discharged.
  • 7 days, 2 months and 1 year medical controls after the surgery to follow healing and recovery period at Victoria Bogart Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.
  • Dedicated medical prescription and recommendations will be given to the patient by Doctor.
  • Be part of Victoria Bogart ® family and be in touch all time.
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