Beard Transplantation Treatment

The causes of beard sparsity may be genetic, hormonal, some diseases or drug side effects related. If the cause is due to hormone imbalance, illnesses or drugs, treatment methods aiming at eliminating these effects are applied first. For example, the missing testosterone hormone causes the beards to sparse, and the testosterone hormone can strengthen the beard. Similarly, the treatment of diseases that cause beard sparsity also has positive consequences. However, beard transplantation provides definite results also for genetic causes, physical effects such as, burns, injuries, or discomforts such as ringworms.


Beard Transplantation Treatment

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Operation Time

1 Hour

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Return to Work

1 Day

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Beard planting is done by the same method used for hair transplantation called FUE (follicular unit extraction). In this method, the hair follicles (grafts) coded not to be shed in the donor region, which are located between the two ears on the back of the head as they are in hair transplantation, are taken individually. These roots are placed in the empty beard area again by adjusting angles individually. Beard Transplantation requires a little more precision than hair planting. The reason for this is that the tissue in the face area is more sensitive and soft. However, the healing process and the result are quicker than hair transplantation in beard transplantation. The reason is that there are more veins and blood flow in the face area.

The puberty period has to be completed for beard transplantation, because the beard come out and its structure continue until the end of puberty. Healthy men over the age of 18-22 may be eligible for beard planting.

After the beard transplantation operation, there is no physical situation that will prevent the person from returning to his daily life. The first 3 days after beard planting is the most sensitive period for rooting and unionization of the planted root. During this period, the person must protect the planted area against physical damage, be careful not to lie down while sleeping and be careful in his diet. It is also recommended to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

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