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With a number of hair transplant techniques now available, at The Victoria Bogart Clinic we are often asked "which technique is best?" While each method can produce natural looking results, as this post explains, the best treatment for you will depend on a range of factors.

The two essential hair transplant methods are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or "strip" and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). Each method has its possess advantages and the pleasant system is determined by the individual patient and their certain occasions. The experienced group on the Victoria Bogart medical institution will talk about the professionals and cons with you to support you select essentially the most suitable path of healing.

What is the change between FUT and FUE?

The fundamental difference between the FUT and FUE approaches is the way in which where the donor hair is harvested. For the duration of the FUT system the health care provider removes a healthful strip of hair-bearing skin from the donor, mostly from the back of their head. The strip is then divided into tiny grafts of individual follicular models produced from one to four hairs. FUE, nonetheless, utilises the cutting-edge science to extract man or woman follicular units straight from the scalp. The approach is carried out making use of a 0.8mm to 1mm ‘punch’ device.

In both circumstances our leading health care professional, will then implant the hair grafts into the balding areas of the sufferer’s scalp with high-quality care, precision and artistry to create a common look. Which you can read more concerning the FUT and FUE systems on our website.

FUT versus FUE: which process is fine?

Each FUT and FUE can gain excellent results, but every procedure has its professionals and cons. The satisfactory alternative depends upon the extent and characteristics of the hair loss, the nice and number of donor hair, as good because the ultimate appear you might be hoping to acquire.

Probably the most advantages of FUT are:

higher yield – in many cases FUT will produce a larger yield of hair then FUE. That is due to the fact the entire hair is harvested from the mid-component to the donor field where the hair is most permanent and more often than not most ample. FUT may consequently be superb for those patients requiring a enormous quantity of grafts.

Majority of hair does not ought to be shaved – unlike FUE, which usually requires the patient to shave at the least the perimeters and back of their head, the FUT process method the vast majority of hair will also be left lengthy. This may be perfect for sufferers desiring to come to work quickly or these within the public eye.

Shorter time in surgical procedure – The approach of extracting person grafts for FUE way patients can spend a gigantic amount of time in surgery (as much as two days in some instances). However, the FUT approach quite often takes between 4 and ten hours, relying on the variety of grafts that have to be transplanted.

Less expensive than FUE – more commonly an FUT approach will rate less than an FUE hair transplant.

One of the most advantages of FUE include:

Minimal scarring – The FUT procedure leaves a linear scar which can require hair to be worn at a grade 4 or longer to hide it. FUE leaves simplest a sequence of tiny dot scars which can be so small that they may be able to be tricky to find with the naked eye, unless the hair is shaved below a grade 1.

Brief healing time – The small holes left by using FUE do not must be stitched and can in general heal by means of themselves in a few days. This means there are fewer limitations on returning to strenuous undertaking following surgery.

Can hold hair brief – because the FUE manner leaves dot scarring that may be infrequently visible, sufferers can decide upon to have a short haircut in the event that they prefer, as a rule as brief as a quantity one or two cut.

Superb for small transplants – FUE could also be best for those patients requiring handiest a small number of grafts, or for more youthful recipients within the early phases of hair loss.

The good news is that both the FUT and FUE procedures require only a regional anaesthetic and most of our patients record minimal soreness as soon as the numbing injections are accomplished.

How effective is a hair transplant generally?

As one of the crucial world’s top company for hair restoration, Victoria Bogart has an excellent status for providing FUT and FUE hair transplants. Nevertheless, the results relies on a quantity of causes distinctive to the patient, such as the extent of the hair loss, the characteristics of the hair and the dimensions.

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